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Water Resistance Of PVC Foam Board

Water Resistance Of PVC Foam Board

PVC foam board is a sheet PVC material that consists of a range of qualities such as corrosion resistance, light-weight, durability, etc. But when it comes to coming in contact with water, PVC foam boards show some beautiful results in our favor.

Is PVC foam board waterproof?

Perhaps one of the most essential qualities of PVC foam board is its resistance to water and moisture. Whenever a PVC foam board is subjected to any moisture content, it is not affected. In fact, all of its qualities remain intact because of its chemical composition and internal structure. PVC foam boards also do not swell or distort their external structure when it comes in contact with water. 

Why is PVC foam board waterproof?

PVC foam boards contain Polyvinyl chloride as their main component. Polyvinyl chloride is mainly a synthetic polymer or plastic which is not produced in nature but synthesized specially in the laboratory. PVC is generally produced using the suspension polymerization method. This method produces a PVC particle within 100 to 180-micrometer diameter. Whereas, the median diameter value of water particles is about 4 micrometers which is far lesser than PVC foam board particles. As a result, when the Polyvinyl chloride reacts and generated a chain of the same particle, it becomes impossible for a water molecule to penetrate the PVC shield. Besides, polyvinyl chloride contains about 58% of chlorine. But because of the inclusion of chloride groups, the PVC polymer has some potentially different characteristics when compared with similar polyethylene substances. One of them is density, which is very much high in PVC products.  This is why PVC foam board is waterproof.

Applications of PVC foam board (Due to its water resistance)

PVC foam board is a versatile product that is widely used in various sectors of our life. Among many of its great qualities, water resistance makes it different from all the available other products and due to this quality, the application of PVC foam board does not remain enclosed within dry regions, it is also extensively used in moist and humid regions. Firstly, it is suitable for all weather conditions. So any outdoor furnishing is very much preferred by PVC foam board as it will not be affected by the rain. Since PVC foam board is soundproof, as was already said, it may be utilized in locations with extreme water conditions. Making boats is perhaps one of the most widespread uses of PVC foam boards in the marine industry. PVC foam board is a crucial component in the creation of any watercraft. PVC foam board is also used as an active component in maritime upholstery substrate, cup holders, and swim bridges. Even kitchen interiors can also be made of PVC foam board. 

PVC foam board comes in various colors and textures. The color and the texture of the PVC foam board will not be affected by water or moisture content, keeping the PVC foam board attractive and eye-catchy to viewers. 

How to clean PVC foam board?

As mentioned earlier, one of the greatest qualities of PVC foam board is its water resistance. And due to this reason, when PVC foam board is subjected to oil, grease, dirt, or any dust particle, it is very easy to clean off. The cleaning process can be done in a variety of ways which mostly depends on the amount of dirt on the PVC foam board. If the dirt/grease is less in amount, the PVC foam board can simply be cleaned with damp clothed or, by sprinkling some water on the board and then cleaning it with a dry soft cloth. For a bit, dirtier PVC foam boards can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid. Just dispense some dishwashing liquid onto a damp cloth and then simply rub the cloth on the PVC foam board. This will clear out most of the oil and grease from the PVC foam board. Lastly, we can use an Isopropyl alcohol solution to disinfect the PVC foam board.

Other cleaning agents can also be used but care should be taken for these, because they may react with the upper thin layer of color and coating of the PVC foam board, which may be visible after cleaning.

Experimental Data on the Water Resistance of PVC Foam Board

Many tests have been conducted to experiment with the density and water resistance of the PVC foam board. No doubt, one of the most essential and useful physical qualities of PVC foam board is water resistance. And making use of this wonderful quality, scientists and designers have made some wonderful inventions that have brought a revolution to mankind. But the upcoming chart does not stop here. Making the combination of PVC foam board and other components, the possibility of new inventions and conceptions has risen now more than ever. So, we are expecting some more innovative ideas and concepts from designers involving the water and moisture-resistant quality of the PVC foam board.  

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