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PVC Celuka Foam Board has following types

  1. PVC celuka foam sheet/board for furniture
  2. Plastic PVC celuka foam sheet for Decoration/Furniture/Cabinet
  3. High quality Plastic PVC foam board/PVC celuka foam board
  4. White PVC celuka/skinning foam board
  5. Multi-colored PVC celuka foam sheet/board for kitchen cabinet
  6. Rigid PVC sheet/board manufacturer
  7. 1220*2440 PVC foam sheet/Cabinet board
  8. Color PVC hard surface foam board

WPC Celuka Foam Board has following types

  1. Kitchen cabinets WPC foam board/Furniture Decoration materials
  2. Wood composite WPC celuka foam sheet for Cabinets
  3. Wood composite WPC celuka plate WPC sheet for Construction
  4. 15mm, 18mm PVC WPC sheet for Bathroom vanity Furniture
  5. Moisture proof WPC crust foam sheet manufacturer
  6. Rigid PVC WPC foam plate sheet for Doors
  7. High smooth fireproof WPC furniture board Kitchen sheet
  8. High strength PVC WPC Celuka foam board for cabinet furniture


PVC Celuka Foam Board

PVC board is easy to cut and saw, a hand electric saw is the most common way to cut PVC sheet, a gear blade is best as it gives you much more flexibility

WPC Celuka Foam Board

These PVC foam boards are fire resistant. It can resist acid, moth, heat, vibrations, noise and light. It is waterproof.

PVC Free Foam Board

PVC foam boards are safe for kitchen cabinets as they are non-toxic and anti-chemical corrosion resistant material.

PVC Laminated Foam Board

PVC Foam Board is impervious to water, resistance to mold and insects and does not harbor germs harmful to people's health.

White Co-extrusion PVC foam Board

PVC co-extruded foam board uses pvc as inner foam, the outside is also pvc veneer, so the density and hardness is larger and higher than plate made with other materials.

Colored Co-extrusion PVC foam board

PVC board is easy to cut and saw, a hand electric saw is the most common way to cut PVC sheet, a gear blade is best as it gives you much more flexibility

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