• March 2, 2022
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3-30mm nice touch PVC co-extruded foam sheet board in 8ftx4ft

3-30mm nice touch PVC co-extruded foam sheet board in 8ftx4ft


Product name Co-extrusio PVC foam board
Size 1220*2440mm  Customized accepted
Thickness 3-30mm
Density 0.45-0.9g/cm³
Features Smooth surface fish with high surface hardness, anti-UV, waterproof, fireproof, moisture-resistant, easy processing, lead-free, non-toxic, light weight, easily reassembled, outstanding printability, excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
Application Furniture, cabinet, decoration, inside & outside decoration, transporation, advertising signs and displays, wall cladding and partitioning, base board and more.
Packing Carton box or wooden pallet packing
Delivery time 7-15 days


Co-extruded rigid PVC foam sheet consisting of flexible white outer skins and an integral core. The hard, flat, white surface makes it more robust and offering greater scratch resistance than standard PVC foam sheet. The outer skins are extremely flexible, it could be cold-formed V-grooves.

It can be easily handled, cut and fabricated by using conventional tools and equipment; it also can be printed, painted or laminated.


-Weather resistant


-Flat, even surface

-Bright and smooth finish

-Easily cut or shaped

-Light but strong

-Easy to handle and install

-Scratch resistance

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